Broadcom Digital Badge Program

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A digital badge is a simple way for you to share your accomplishments. It is a way for your colleagues to see – and trust – your qualifications you’ve achieved. You can attach your badge to a website mail signature, or social network, and with one simple click, employers and other interested parties can easily view and verify your skills and experience required to earn it.

With digital badges, employers and peers are provided with concrete evidence of the skills you accomplished to earn your badge and what you are capable of. Broadcom has partnered with Credly so you can quickly and easily manage, share and verify your competencies online using their Credly badging platform.

Digital badges allow individuals to be recognized when achieving new skills or competencies. Once Broadcom issues the digital badge, you have earned it and should share it with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and email to promote your brand. In addition to managing your badges, the Credly platform gives you access to a variety of labor market data based on your skills. Start earning your digital badges now.